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Solutions | Desalination of seawater

Due to the increasing scarcity of fresh water, the implementation of seawater for consumer products has advanced considerably in recent years. This problem forced to develop techniques that allow its implementation efficiently and at low cost. Reverse osmosis processes have contributed to many people having access to drinking water. Desalination processes are designed to treat water through membranes; however, to produce drinking water, pre and post treatment must be carried out. These chained systems allow developing autonomous treatment plants that can be monitored in critical variables from the core system where human factor is minimal. The pre-treatment systems can be of filtration, chlorination, ultrafiltration, etc. Post-treatment systems aims at achieving the water parameters required by WHO or by production guidelines required by each industry. Among the existing systems, the following can be listed: re-mineralization in the case of low calcium or magnesium levels, implementation of a second step of reverse osmosis to obtain drinking water and reduce sodium chloride, etc.