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EIT Group includes, to the solutions offered for the Renewable Energy Generation Market, a system of modular fixed mounting structures for solar panels with capacity to adapt to the specific needs of each project.

Within the global offer for the solar energy market the following is considered:

  • Development of Green Field to RTB (ready to build) projects, in cooperation with international developers.
  • Integral planning of the project, logistics, strategies and deadlines appropriate to each client.
  • Construction and management of civil works, configuration of modules, internal distribution in low / medium voltage.
  • Single-Pole Structures: Capable of supporting up to 2 modules in vertical or 3 in horizontal position.
  • Two-Pole Structures: Capable to hold up to 3 modules in vertical or 6 in horizontal position.
  • Agreements for local manufacture of single axis solar trackers to improve the solar farm production performance.


Easy-to-install lightweight structures
The structures are designed with C-profiles, which result in lightweight, easy-to-assemble products and shorter installation times. They also have the particularity of adapting to any type of terrain by means of systems for pile driving, micro-pile driving, on ground anchored screws or on concrete shoe, depending on the terrain topography, making the most of the surface.

Increased durability
The structural profiles are made of galvanized steel, as it is a low-maintenance product suitable for constructions vulnerable to corrosion. The screws used are stainless steel and oxidation resistant. Also, the structures are designed according to the regulations established for the installation zone.

Installation Versatility
The structures can be single-pole capable of supporting 2 modules in vertical and up to 3 modules in horizontal position, or two-pole capable of supporting 3 modules in vertical and up to 6 modules in horizontal position. The tilt of both structures ranges from 0° to 45°, according to the project requirements. The modules are mounted with aluminum clamps that allow avoiding the use of drills.

Reduced transportation costs
The poles dimensions occupy reduced spaces, which result in minimizing transportation costs.

Technical Characteristics

Types of structure Single-pole or Two-pole
Structure distribution
  • Up to 6 lines in Horizontal position
  • Up to 3 lines in Vertical position
Tilt angle From 0° to 45° (according to the project requirements)
Panels configuration Adaptable according to each project requirements
Materials Structure: Hot-galvanized steel
Screws: Stainless Steel
Module clamps: Aluminum
Maximum panel length Adaptable according to the project size and to the terrain topography
Terrain Polygonal adaptation to the terrain
Allowable unevenness:
  • E-W: up to 15%
  • N-S: up to 6%
Minimum distance from module to ground 500-1000 mm (Variable, specified by the client)
Anchor to the ground According to the terrain topography
  • Pile driving
  • Micro-pile driving
  • On ground-anchored screws
  • On surface concrete shoe
Maximum wind speed In accordance with each country’s code
Load capacity Up to 5000 N/m2
Warranty 10 years for the metal structure