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Engineering and Constructions

The Unit

Engineering and Construction is the business unit specialized in designing innovative technologies to offer solutions for sustainable development of the sectors of industry, energy, infrastructure, water, environment and services.

Its team shares a unique passion, which pushes for excellence and professionalism provided by EIT Group.

The integration of these two services offer advantages to companies that rely on EIT. Such advantages include compliance with estimated deadlines, reduction of investment costs by the customer and the quality of the information provided during the project, achieving a synergy among all actors involved in it.

The unit has a team specialized in offering integral solutions from conceptual engineering of the project to the maintenance and operation stage, ensuring cost control and supervision of suppliers manpower. Similarly, Engineering and Construction professionals are highly qualified to take up any previously designed project, taking the management thereof in any stage.

Methodology of contract

Metodología de Contratación
  • Engineering / Design

    Conceptual Engineering
    It is the stage of analysis of the client-owner’s initial idea. Having defined the conceptual idea, studies are conducted to measure its viability.

    Basic engineering
    It is the stage of the project in which its technical characteristics and all its processes parameters are defined.

    Bidding engineering
    At this stage, it is necessary to define the concepts and documentation required for bidding and contracting the project implementation. With this information it is possible to start the bidding process for the necessary contracts with each supplier.

  • Manufacturing

    At this stage of the project, the manufacturing starts of the modules involved in processes, tanks or structures and all prefabricated objects required for the work, considering all the guidelines determined in the engineering stage.

  • Construction

    Here the construction is executed based on that planned in the bidding documents. It is the time when electro-mechanical constructions, structures and civil works associated with the project are carried out.

  • P.E.M.

    The implementation phase of a project represents one of the biggest challenges, when all activities defined in the conceptual engineering stage are carried out. 100% of parameters must be respected to avoid breaching of agreed dates and generating any unexpected costs.

  • Maintenance / Operation

    From commissioning of the project, maintenance and operation tasks must be performed in conjunction with the client. The first guidelines for the maintenance of infrastructure and technological systems are indicated, and professionals in the areas of maintenance and plant utilities are trained in order to ensure proper operation.

  • Management

    In this process the project management is implemented contemplating each point stipulated and documented in the stage of conceptual engineering. It aims at meeting the schedule and given budget.

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