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Areas of application

Áreas de aplicación - Energías renovables micelanea
Ícono energías renovables

Renewable energy

Global trends based on environmental care, led industries to implement technologies that produce energy from renewable resources such as solar energy, wind and biomass seeking a clean, uncontaminated world. Engineering and Construction designs, builds and operates wind farms, solar power plants and biofuel plants. Partnerships with technologists worldwide allow EIT Group to offer adaptable solutions to any bidding process.

Áreas de aplicación - Energías convencionales micelanea
Ícono energías convencionales

Conventional energy

Fossil fuels are considered as the main source of power generation worldwide. Conventional energies are the most common sources to produce electricity.
The Engineering and Construction unit has the most advanced technologies to design and build thermal power plants that allow for an efficiency over 43% for fuels such as gas, fuel oil and diesel.

Áreas de aplicación - Transmisión de energía micelanea
Ícono transmisión de energía

Power Transmission

The unit has the resources required for executing the design and construction of electrical substations supplying transformation, control and protection, and distribution subsystems.

Áreas de aplicación - Energía nuclear micelanea
Ícono energía nuclear

Nuclear energy

EIT participates in projects associated with nuclear power generation, and those related to its supply chain. The unit has experience in the processes required for the dissolution and purification of uranium.

Áreas de aplicación - Petroquímica micelanea
Ícono petroquímica

Petrochemical Industry

Obtaining raw material derived from petroleum is important within the supply chain. The need for environment preservation, energy efficiency and sub-products or derivatives reuse expanded the possibility to execute projects where Engineering and Construction may propose solutions from design to construction stages.

Áreas de aplicación - Oil & Gas micelanea
Ícono oil & gas

Oil & Gas

Moving Oil & Gas from the storage (production) to its final destination requires adequate gas pipelines, compression and reduction gas terminals. Engineering and Construction provides comprehensive solutions that contribute to compression, transmission and distribution of gas for high consumption.

Áreas de aplicación - Minería micelanea
Ícono minería


The growing commitment to EIT Group with environmental care associates Engineering and Construction unit with the mining sector in order to minimize environmental impact through the regularization of processes and support in solutions of water treatment and reduced energy consumption.

Áreas de aplicación - Servicios públicos micelanea
Ícono servicios públicos

Public services

The sectors associated with environmental care such as waste processing and those obtaining energy from waste, led companies to develop technologies to this end. Engineering and Construction participates in the design and construction of plants for treatment of waste, water, gas and electrification.

Áreas de aplicación - Química micelanea
Icono química


The chemical industry requires processes that apply manufacturing cost-reducing technologies to be more competitive in a world of mass consumption.
Engineering and Construction develops solutions that position it among the leading companies in the country.

Áreas de aplicación - Telecomunicaciones micelanea
Ícono telecomunicaciones


In the age of telecommunications, global demands to establish high capacity systems considerably increased the need to implement solutions to this problem. Engineering and Construction manufactures and installs radio base antennas and builds relay stations plants to ensure costs and time reduction.

Áreas de aplicación - Alimenticia micelanea
Ícono alimenticia


Food consumption is growing steadily and encourages companies to produce a greater variety of products with different presentations. The unit designs and implements projects associated with increasing production capacity, continuous improvement, waste reduction and adaptation of sanitary facilities.

Áreas de aplicación - Farmacéutica micelanea
Ícono farmacéutica


Engineering and Construction offers its customers integrated solutions associated with the design and construction of laboratories in compliance with all regulations of national and corporation bodies.