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Engineering and Constructions



EIT Group has a strong team of trained engineers to provide engineering services including feasibility studies, planning development, technology assessment and recommendations for project implementation, as well as to assess potential risks, life cycles of facilities and probable locations.
This service covers both the conceptual engineering and the development of civil, structural, electrical and mechanical architecture. It also provides process simulation, 3D interactive scale models and integrated automation.


Professionals of Project & Program Management perform project management contemplating the organization, documentation supervision, budgetary control and compliance with schedules previously stipulated in the stage of conceptual engineering.


EIT has its own 3000-m² plant located in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, in which structures, process modules, construction modular and prefabricated systems are manufactured.
The plant is provided with the latest technology and has a specialized technical office that allows offering high manufacturing capacity to meet the demand of projects with a higher level of technology.


The specialized team of EIT focuses on the management of electromechanical manufacturing and construction based on the quality and timelines stipulated in the each project planning stage.
The industrial assembly unit executes projects of mechanical, electrical and structural construction and associated civil works.
EIT has extensive assembling/installation experience in food, chemical and petrochemical industries. The execution of each project is carried out by a professional team consisting of a project manager, a team of engineers, supervisors and assembly personnel.


EIT Group offers maintenance and operation of new and existing production plants and general facilities, providing quality and service continuity to ensure production standards. It also trains professionals in the areas of plant maintenance and utilities.
Thanks to the experience obtained in the management of projects, EIT can offer different managerial methodologies which are suited according to the needs of each client, giving the advantage of reducing fixed costs in maintenance areas.