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Equipos Mezcladores sólido-líquido

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Liquid-liquid mixers

The trend of the beverage industry is driven by the production of aromatic bases mixed with aqueous bases. These processes can be obtained by batch or online systems. The advantage of working online is associated with the reduction of production times, room for storage tanks and with the possibility of extending the mixing lines, making it possible to combine, in a single equipment, different fluids that expand the variety of products offered.
The online mixer (blender) KommtLiq offered by the unit, regulate pipelines through proportional valves controlled by mass or electromagnetic flowmeters which allow for accurate mixtures.


  • Infusions + alcohol + water.
  • Concentrates + water.
  • Sugary solutions + aromatic base + water.
  • Juices + water.
  • Capacity: 10 to 40 m³/h.
  • Base line + secondary line adjustable.
  • Up to 4 online mixing lines.


  • Modular equipment. Design according to space requirements.
  • Suitable for CIP cleaning.
  • Process control with communication to SCADA.
  • Stainless steel frame.