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CIP plant

The CIP (Cleaning In-Place) is the traditional method for cleaning food and pharmaceutical plants. It contributes with sanitary conditions avoiding the contamination risks and costs and are mandatory and supreme.
The diversity of products and processes require well differentiated solutions. That is why the line of automatic KommtClean™ plants offers several configurations. Processing strives to find the optimal parameter balance of chemicals, temperature, speed and residence times to ensure cleanliness, without losing focus on environmental protection and process efficiency.
The dimensions of the tanks/systems are adjusted according to the requirements of cleaning cycles. The design of the cleaning system is determined by the frequency of washings, simultaneous operation execution and process parameters. The systems are equipped and configured to meet the defined objectives.
In the automation system of KommtClean™ units, cleaning goals are translated into recipes.

These recipes contain parameters depending on the process

  • Allowing startup and monitoring tasks of washing.
  • Conductivity limits.
  • Temperature limits.
  • Flow setting parameters.
  • Linked rinse intervals.

They also have dependent parameters of stages

  • Operation of each stage according to set schedule.
  • Run time and monitoring stage.

Safety and blocks settings can be freely configured to control the wash sequence to reduce water consumption during CIP. Recording of historical and trend curves document the cleaning process.