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Sugar dissolvers

Sugar is one of the most necessary components for products such as beverages. The sugar dissolution KoomtZuc system comes ready to combine a powder dissolution system with one to dissolve sugar crystals. It is also combined with a pasteurization system making an online process of continuous dissolution with an energy-reduction process, delivering sugar syrup with °brix control.
The system can take the sugar from the unloader or directly from the discharge chute and re-circulate it through the filter, thereby re-circulating the undissolved sugar and passing the diluted sugar to the next stage.
The KoomtZuc has a °Brix control that regulates dosing that maintains the continuous level and, thus, reduces energy consumption. The working capacity obtained is 65°Brix.


  • Up to 10 m³/h of generation.
  • 65° Brix.


  • Modular equipment. Design according to space requirements.
  • Suitable for CIP cleaning.
  • Process control with communication to SCADA.
  • Stainless steel frame.